Baab: Casting skills needed by fishing team candidates – The Augusta Chronicle


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The 6th through 12th graders who turn out for the Clarks Hill Youth Fishing Team tryouts next month at Wildwood Park on Clarks Hill Lake will need to display enough skills to make smooth casts with their bait-casting and open-faced spinning reels.Tryouts will take place on Tuesday, August 3, from 5: 30 p.m. to 7: 30 p.m.Reels of the above types are the norm, but team founder Keri Bentley warns, “No Zebcoes!”Here’s why not: Those enclosed-face, push-button-release reels came onto the national fishing scene in 1949, 72 years ago, and not only revolutionized the sport, but attracted a new breed of anglers.Zebcoes require little in the way skill to use. To make a cast, take the rod back, push in the line release button and hold it in, bring the rod tip forward to cast and when the tip points to an imaginary 2 o’clock high, release the button and away goes the lure. A quick turn of the reel handle re-engages the line and continuing to turn it retrieves the lure.Unless a bass grabs it!Fishing ReportBEAUFORT, S.C. AND VICINITY                                                                                   Capt. Ralph Goodison Jr., Fripp Island 1 (843) 986-4070 – The kids who go out fishing with parents are having a ball catching whiting. Huge schools of the fish can be found close inshore and using light tackle the kids are loading their boats. We finally received a much-needed, significant amount of rainfall earlier this week. Overall, fishing continues to be good. They’re catching throw-back, trophy redfish, while the bite is slow for spotted sea trout and black drum. Fishing around near-shore structures like the Dry Dock, Fripp Reef and the 6HI Buoy is producing god catches of vermillion snapper, triggerfish and grunts. Kingfish have moved closer tom shore, and are plentiful just 4 miles out around the Fripp Reef. We’ve had only one boat make it the 60 miles out to the Gulf Stream. The skipper was looking for bluefin tuna, but never found any. However, he did report catching some wahoo and king mackerel. Crab catches have slowed down.Miss Judy Charters, Capt. Judy Helmey, 1 (912) 897-4921. 144 Palmetto Drive, Savannah, GA 31410 – Well, it’s July, the water is hot and you have to travel some to locate the fish which are holding in  spots. One of my charter captains left on a 4-hour trip, spent more than 3 hours locating the fish and all the action took place during the last 30 minutes. Finger mullet, mud minnows and shrimp are the best baits, but it’s tough locating the shrimp and hard to keep them alive in the hot water. One idea is to freeze a jar of water and put that in the live well to keep the shrimp cool. Live menhaden allowed to swim free of sinkers is one of the best ways to catch king mackerel.
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