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Doyle Sails is pleased to announce their partnership with Rachel and Joshua from Voyages of Agape. Voyages of Agape was dreamt up by two love birds addicted to travel and enamored by the sea.

After sailing away from their homeport of Ventura, California back in 2016, Rachel professional model and creative, and Joshua a writer, sought out the wild coastline of Central America where they spent two years honing their skills, fine-tuning their boat, Agape, a Tayana 42, and immersing themselves in the culture and lives of the people. Soon, the longing for the warm, coconut-scented breezes of French Polynesia had them set out on their Pacific crossing in March of 2019. Sailing from one paradise to another, Rachel and Josh have found a 4,000 square mile tropical playground to wait out the pandemic before continuing their voyage west.

Rachel and Joshua share their sailing adventures on the Voyages of Agape YouTube channel. Photo – Voyages of Agape

5 years on and countless nautical miles under the keel, they have no intention of stopping. Their original dream of a five-year trip around the world has now become a lifestyle. They no longer have a deadline or a planned route, just a desire to explore the world and live simply.

“Sailing is one of our greatest passions in life and we are privileged enough to continue cruising during this crazy time, exploring some of the most remote destinations in the world,“ writes Rachel

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