Boaters chasing geese with vessel, incompetent operators among those charged by GSPS, conservation officers –


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Greater Sudbury Police and MNRF teamed up for last weekend’s boating enforcement initiative, laid 55 charges

The City of Greater Sudbury encompasses 330 lakes - that's more lakes than any other municipality in Canada. Locally known as the "City of Lakes,” Greater Sudbury contains the highest population base north of Barrie.

Over the past several years, there have been boating accidents, drownings, resource abuse and introductions of invasive species on area lakes.

Rural officers from the Greater Sudbury Police Service partnered up with Conservation

Officers with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to undertake a large

enforcement initiative over the weekend of July 9-11. 

As a result, a total of 29 lakes and rivers were patrolled over three days.

Of special note, patrol and field work have the potential to spread Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) when equipment is moved between waterbodies; therefore, boats and equipment should always be considered contaminated. 

As such, all equipment was decontaminated before it was moved to a new waterbody.

Police and Conservation Officers made close to 600 contacts comprised of boaters, cottagers and residents. The majority of vessels stopped received warnings for minor equipment violations.

A total of 55 charges were issued in relation to the following offences:

• Possessing more than sport fishing specified quota of fish

• No personal floatation devices on non-human powered pleasure craft

• No personal floatation devices on human powered pleasure craft

• Personal floatation device not of appropriate size on non-human powered pleasure craft

• No safety equipment on human powered pleasure craft

• Having care and control of a boat underway with open container of liquor

• Having care and control of a motor vehicle with open container of liquor

• Having liquor in open container in other than licenced premises, residence or private place

• Operating non-human powered pleasure craft without prescribed vessel safety equipment on board

• Use boat to harass wildlife (chasing geese with vessel)

• Operate vessel with safety equipment not accessible

• Permitting person to operate vessel without safety equipment

• Operate vessel with safety equipment not in good working order

• Operate vessel with no competency

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