41st Governor’s Fish Ohio Day showcases Lake Erie – 13abc Action News


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PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WTVG) - Preserving the lake helps preserve Ohio’s economy.That’s the message from Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted. He and Governor Mike DeWine were among those who headed out onto the waters of Lake Erie for the 41st Annual Governor’s Fish Ohio Day.Eighteen charter boats took elected officials, members of the media, and special invited guests onto the water for a morning of fishing. Alternately, educational tours highlighted the Winous Point Shooting Club and Marsh Conservancy and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife Castalia State Fish Hatchery.The Castalia State Fish Hatchery is responsible for stocking Lake Erie with 450,000 steelhead each year. It also produces roughly 80,000 rainbow trout, which are sent to reservoirs and inland lakes.“There are six hatcheries in Ohio,” explains Andy Jarrett, Supervisor of the Castalia State Fish Hatchery. “We’re the primary cold water hatchery and we do all the steelhead for Lake Erie, which is a huge business both for the tourism industry and for all the sport anglers in Ohio. It generates lots and lots of money.”After the boats returned, Gov. DeWine spoke at the Lake Erie Shores and Islands Welcome Center, promoting his H2Ohio program, which aims to funnel money into conservation projects that help clean up the lake waters and maintain the ecosystem.Copyright 2021 WTVG. All rights reserved.
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