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When Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson retires from the game, his father Mychal Thompson doesn’t expect him to stick around the professional basketball scene.

Instead, Mychal sees his son getting full time into the “Boat Klay” life and touring the world with his trusty water vehicle and popular dog Rocco.
“I’d be surprised. I’d be shocked if he sticks around the NBA scene,” Mychal said during  KNBR’s “Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks” show, per NBC Sports. “He’s really into the ocean, really into his boat. I could see him getting on a boat and just sailing the world — cruising the world.
Furthermore, the Thompson patriarch doesn’t see Klay being involved in any basketball activity at all–becoming a coach, scout, analyst or what. For him, it is better to expect the Warriors star becoming an “old sea captain” dealing with tourists in the Bahamas.
“Becoming an old sea captain in The Bahamas, and taking tourists out for excursions and stuff. I could see him doing that. And if you’ve ever been to The Bahamas, you’ll understand why he’d want to do it. It’s the most beautiful sailing or boating water in the world.”
Given Klay Thompson’s love for the sea, these comments from his dad are not far-fetched at all. And considering the personality of the Warriors guard, it really won’t be surprising if he would choose to spend the rest of his post-NBA life boating.
Before that, though, it will certainly be nice to see the Splash Captain win another ring or two with the Warriors before he retires.

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