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Mychal Thompson, the father of Warriors’ star Klay Thompson, talks about Klay and his future post-retirement from the NBA
The NBA has players who all have come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. The intersection of all these different personalities is what makes things interesting off the court. The Golden State Warriors are no different. For example, just take their three superstars. Draymond Green is the guy who doesn’t filter his emotions at all. Stephen Curry is the guy who’s joking around off the court. Klay Thompson is the laid-back, chill guy.
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Klay Thompson, who is currently rehabbing from his Achilles injury, has been spending a lot of time on his boat. He recently even got rookie James Wiseman to come to the boat. Klay likes to sail around and usually hosts Instagram live sessions while on the boat. It is there where he updates his fans about his injury, rehab status, and what’s going on with him.
“Klay Thompson would become a sea captain in the Bahamas”: Mychal Thomspon
In a recent interview with NBC Sports, Klay Thompson’s father Mychal Thompson talked about Klay and his love for the sea. Mychal even went on to say that he keeps up with Klay through his Instagram live videos and stories on the boat.

He even went on to talk about what Klay might do post retirement. Mychal said,
“I’d be surprised. I’d be shocked if he sticks around the NBA scene. He’s really into the ocean, really into his boat. I could see him getting on a boat and just sailing the world — cruising the world.”

Mychal Thompson on what Klay will do after retiring from the NBA: “I could see him getting on a boat and just sailing the world — cruising the world. Becoming an old sea captain in The Bahamas, and taking tourists out for excursions and stuff.” 🤣 https://t.co/rzU5eV1xlH pic.twitter.com/k3EE3veLXg
— Drew Shiller (@DrewShiller) July 7, 2021

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One thing is for sure. If Captain Klay decided to become a sea captain, Warriors fans from around the globe would travel and rent a ride to meet him.

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