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Go aboard a billionaire's luxury yacht that's making the Hudson feel like the French RivieraJuly 7, 2021Updated: July 7, 2021 3: 02 p.m.

A palatial yacht measuring 248 feet long has enjoyed a summer voyage up the Hudson River, and was photographed here on the Rondout Creek. The yacht's interior, designed by Pauline Nunns, can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 22.John ORourke

What’s longer than the Leaning Tower of Pisa and has locals dreaming of St. Barts? An $83 million luxury yacht owned by billionaire George Argyros, a real estate investor who used to own the Seattle Mariners and was a U.S. ambassador to Spain.

The pleasure boat has had locals buzzing in recent weeks as it sailed the Hudson and made stops along the coast near Kingston.

The Hudson River has long been a playground and passageway for boats — from kayaks and sailboats to tugboats and cargo ships — but a 248-foot luxury yacht weighing more than 2,200 tons definitely stands out against a landscape of dinghies and jetboats.

While Argyros’s ship won’t be mistaken for Jeff Bezos’ $500 million superyacht, the vessel certainly knows how to bring the luxury all the same.

Formerly known as the Bella Vita, the Huntress costs about $765,000 to charter for one week, including a crew of 22, according to YachtCharterFleet, a comparison booking site that’s similar to Kayak.com but for luxury yachts. Put your Black Amex away — this yacht isn’t open for charters right now as Argyros checks out the Hudson Valley.

A Kingston resident who went to school with the yacht’s Woodstock-based captain, Lenny Beck, told Times Union: Hudson Valley that the Argyros’ yacht was sightseeing up and down the river, “checking out some little towns” for a couple of months.

Built in 2009 by Lürssen, a German luxury yacht builder, the Huntress was photographed here sailing Rondout Creek in Kingston, a tributary of the Hudson River.John ORourke
The yacht has its own helipad and can accommodate 12 guests in six spacious cabins. Keep boredom in check by taking in the sights from one of the Huntress’ six decks, or perhaps indulge in its outdoor hot tub, movie theater, gym, beauty salon, or many water toys like jet skis and scuba diving equipment.

Overdo it on shrimp cocktail and champagne? If so — or even if not — skip the stairs and let the ship’s elevator whisk you to your cabin.

The Huntress is seaworthy: she can reach speeds of 24 knots and cover 7,000 miles. But why go all the way across the world when you can glide along the Hudson and take in the sights of Kingston and Saugerties?

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