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How does a fishing trip with your buddies sound like? Or, perhaps, you’d prefer to just relax with your family, enjoy the sea view and go for a swim? With the right kind of boat, you could do both. The new Pursuit DC 236 has plenty of room for your favorite activities, is fast enough for an adventurous outing and also comfortable enough for dream-like cruising.
A Florida-based boat manufacturer would probably know a great deal about what sailing connoisseurs are actually looking for, and it looks like Pursuit Boats wanted to give sea lovers the perfect option for this season’s trips at sea. A combination of premium materials, smart design and carefully-thought accommodations is part of what makes the Pursuit DC 236 a versatile choice for enjoying cruising trips this summer.

Folks at Pursuit Boats wanted to create an even more comfortable vessel, so they designed the new 25.8-feet (7.8-meter) long boat with a bigger cockpit than the previous model, so passengers would have plenty of room for angling, for example.

Also, taking into account the customer feedback, they integrated several seating configurations, which makes it easier for everyone on board to socialize or relax in their favorite area.

The signature fiberglass-framed windshield and sleek silhouette are what make the new Pursuit double console instantly recognizable for those who are familiar with the Pursuit range. A Yamaha outboard delivers 300 horsepower, making the boat flexible enough for those who prefer a little speed.

The new design also allows more room for storage, which is perfect for carrying fishing gear or watersport toys. Or, perhaps, someone would like to try diving - the optional bow boarding ladder is an added bonus that makes getting in and out of the water easier.

Pricing for the Pursuit DC 236 is not available yet, but if you’re planning to find a great boat for family fun, keep an eye out for this newcomer.
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