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If private sailing had a motto these days, it would be “no more compromising.” In other words, why choose when you can have it all? This goes for family cruising, too. Until now, most of the boats in this segment weren’t that great in terms of performance, but that’s no longer the case. Enjoy enough space for your family and friends, luxury design, and high-performance, with the new generation catamarans, such as the Gunboat 72V.

V stands for “vie” (French for “life”), which perfectly sums up what the Gunboat ship manufacturer is all about – enjoying life while cruising on a wonderfully comfortable, elegant, and also a fast boat. According to the Franco-American company, catamarans (multi-hulled ships) are becoming increasingly popular, but there was a divide between racing models and cruising versions.

Gunboat listened to what customers wanted and created a new model that combines the comfort of a family cruiser with the performance of a catamaran.

But the first thing that stands out about the Gunboat 72V is its unique design, which seems to invite passengers just to enjoy the view, literally and metaphorically. This cat comes with a flybridge – so you can feel on top of the world even at sea.

VPLP, Christophe Chedal Anglay, and Patrick le Quément worked with Gunboat to create this lightweight boat that was meant for coastal cruising, while Isabelle Racoupeau designed the interior. Not only does this model come with five separate areas for socializing, but it was also built with a highly customizable layout so that you can adapt it to your needs and preferences.

Going back to performance, the Gunboat 72V is built for fast cruising (at 8 knots), which means that you can put even more destinations on your list – you’ll get there in no time. And don’t worry about this cat becoming too wild; you’ll have plenty of control from the flybridge helm station. Plus, its sails are optimized for cruising.

The 72V is now under construction at the Gunboat factory in La Grande-Motte, France, and will be ready to sail in 2023.
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