Two New Wildfires Sparked In Bighorn National Forest – K2 Radio


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Bighorn National Forest officials say two wildfires were recently sparked in the eastern portion of the forest.According to the US Forest Service, both the fires were likely started by lightning.One fire burning near Black Mountain Lookout was sized at a tenth of an acre. Another fire is burning at French Creek near Buffalo and is at .25 acres.A fire engine and helicopter is assigned to the fire near Black Mountain Lookout.Earlier this year, a wildfire burned more than 1,038 acres in the forest south of Buffalo.Here's Where Casper, Wyoming Goes To Cool Off In The SummerWhile Wyoming is most often associated with year-round snow those of us that live here know that our Summers can get pretty hot. With temperatures during the day reaching the high 90's and low 100's everyone has their favorite local place to go to cool off. Here are a few of our favorites.
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