Lionel Messi: Boyhood club and the world’s worst team – who has tried to sign the free agent – BBC News


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Lionel Messi is a free agent. Where will he end up?Lionel Messi is officially out of work and a few teams - not all of them serious - have already tried to get him to sign for them.The world's (arguably) greatest player officially became a free agent on Thursday as his contract with Barcelona expired. That means he's available for nothing. Nada. Gratis.Among his suitors, one would have to imagine that clubs such as Manchester City, Paris St-Germain and possibly an Italian giant like Juventus or Inter Milan may be interested in trying to lure the six-time Ballon d'Or winner.On the other hand, the 34-year-old Argentine may well end up signing a contract extension to stay at the Nou Camp.In the meantime, there have been some rather unserious attempts to gain his signature.First up, his boyhood club, Newell's Old Boys, didn't waste any time. They posted an announcement on Thursday, reading: "Hi Leo, are you there? In Argentina it is just now July 1 ... (Nothing ventured nothing gained)"Messi played with his hometown club in Rosario from the age of six, before relocating and joining Barcelona at 13.This mural also appeared in Rosaria on Thursday - which may or may not be a coincidence.Meanwhile, Brazilian side Ibis Sport Club - also known as 'the worst football club in the world' - have also put themselves out there.The team from Recife are famous for going three years and 11 months without a win between 1980 and 1984, earning them an entry in the Guinness World Record books.The terms of their offer are interesting. They translate, roughly, as: Fifteen-year contract period. Starting 1 JulySalary based on productivityYou can't score too many goals (cause for contract termination)You can't be a champion (reason for contract termination)You can't wear the number 10 shirt (it's for [Ibis cult legend] Mauro Shampoo)Swear three times in the mirror that Pele is much better MaradonaOver in the Netherlands, second-tier team FC Volendam have also made an interesting pitch. Volendam is a small, coastal town, known for its old harbour and fishing boats. The club mentions, "we have great fish", among its attractions.They also mention, "we follow the philosophy of Johan Cruyff". Alongside Jordi Cruyff, Volendam manager Wim Jonk co-manages Cruyff football, committed to continuing the legacy of Johan Cruyff. Jonk is a former Dutch international, who was prolific from midfield.And, finally, former Stoke City player Jonathan Walters thinks it's time to really answer the question: "but can he do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?"As far as we're aware, Messi's agents have not responded to any of these offers…Gaming can improve your mental health: Here are five titles to help you escapeGrounded with Louis Theroux: Why isn't Frankie Boyle a fan of Ricky Gervais?
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