Year’s first major bass fishing tourney underway in Massena – WWNY


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MASSENA, New York (WWNY) - Pro bass fishing is back in St. Lawrence County, and competitors are predicting records hauls over the next six days.They’ve launched. The first major bass fishing tourney of the year hits the water in Massena.“This place is really unique because it’s so big and so vast,” said Josh Bertrand, Bass Pro Tour competitor. “It’s got that largemouth, smallmouth mix, but also super clear water.”It has been more than a year since any major bass tourney launched in St. Lawrence County due to COVID-19. Kevin VanDam has won three major titles on the river.“Fabulous smallmouth fishery. One of the best in the world for sure. And we’re gonna really catch ‘em this week. It’s gonna be unbelievable,” he said.In all, 80 anglers are competing. Even before the boats launched, VanDam made a bold prediction.“You’re going to see a lot of records get broken this week,” he said.By late afternoon Friday, several anglers were nearing record territory. Fish are weighed and released right on the boat. Total weight caught is how the score is kept. The total purse for all prizes is more than $805,000.There’s a lot of angling action out here on the river. Then there’s another kind of action at the St. Lawrence Centre Mall that brings it all to the fans at home.It’s all the tech action that goes into livestreaming the event at, and preparing it for later broadcast. Ten cameras out on the river feed all the angling action back here.“This really changed the game. It really turned the sport into a game. … This is the future of professional bass fishing,” said Michael Mulone, Major League Fishing senior director of events and partnerships: The tournament runs six days. Those qualifying for Wednesday’s championship round compete for a top prize of $100,000.Copyright 2021 WWNY. All rights reserved.
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