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The World Seafarers Day It is the perfect opportunity to honor the 1.5 million people who make up this industry for their unique and too often overlooked contribution to the well-being of the general public.

The World Seafarers Day It was held for the first time in 2011 and was created as a great opportunity to make the public aware of the problems facing Seafarers today, such as piracy, and that during the pandemic they had to do great sacrifices.

These workers have been the heroes during the quarantine since they continued to transport essential goods without stopping that is why in a statement issued on Human Rights Day, IMO Secretary General, Kitack Lim, invited all members of the logistics and supply chains to defend human rights throughout the maritime sector.

“Unfortunately, we have seen the human rights of seafarers, fishermen and other seafarers put in jeopardy during the pandemic,” Lim said.

On Seafarers’ Day, it is recognized that people in the maritime sector have been on the front lines during the pandemic, delivering food, medicine and essential goods around the world. However, Seafarers cannot stay at sea indefinitely.

“If the rights of seafarers, fishers and other maritime personnel are not protected and the crew change crisis is not resolved, it will have a detrimental effect on the safety of ships and the global supply chain. The longer the situation persists, the worse the effects will be ”, Kitack Lim.

In Cancun and the whole world, seafarers are generally people who dedicate part of their lives to the sea, generally in fishing since food is extracted from the oceans, however in Cancun this is different because unlike others places with a port this city is touristy and the fishermen were in second place.

According to the information provided by Francisco Fernández, president of the Quintana Roo Nautical Association, the services of boats, yachts, launches and others generate an economic spill of 300 million pesos a day, which has converted the sense of seamen And it has given it a totally new meaning, because unlike fishing states it pays more to sell a tour than to go fishing.

In the 80s, the founding area of ​​Puerto Juárez was a functional port that received shrimp boats that with their trawl nets fished in an area near Isla Contoy in the north of the state, that has changed and now it is very rarely seen in the port a “live” shrimp, partly also because of all the restrictions and care that exist for some species.

In a recent interview with fishermen who are near Playa del Niño in a cooperative, they pointed out that fishing is very difficult since the different closures of the specials complicate their work and that is when they decide better not to go out and you can see the boats stacked in The edges.

Currently the men of the sea, stopped fishing for sale and subsistence and began to hunt for sport, because the fishing tournament has resumed, but as in Quintana Roo the species are taken care of, this sports industry has also evolved and now Tournaments such as the recently held Captain Ferrat, was in the form of fishing and liberation, especially for tip fish such as marlin or sailfish.

Where seamen have learned to coexist with nature and survive by force with it is in Holbox, in the port of Chiquilá in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, there is a cooperative that still fishes to survive, that is, for consumption and for sale.
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