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Grab a pole for free fishing weekend in New York and, if you visit Broome County parks, even the boat is free.Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says the county is onboard with the program angling in people to take up fishing.Saturday and Sunday, June 25 & 26 visitors to Nathaniel Cole, Dorchester and Greenwood Parks with their own fishing poles will be able to get a free, hour-long boat rental.Rowboats, canoes and paddle boats will be available.New York State sets aside four weekends for free fishing where budding anglers do not have to spring for a fishing license in order to try their hand at the sport.  All other freshwater fishing regulations, including size and limits on the catch, still apply.For the free boat rental at Broome parks, visitors will need to put down a standard deposit.  After the first free hour, the regular hourly rental rates will apply.The deposit is $20 but ten dollars for seniors and veterans.  After the free hour, the rate for rowboats and canoes is $5. The hourly rate for paddle boats and kayaks is $8. The hourly rate for rowboats and canoes for seniors is $3.  Full-day rates are also available.Eight Places to Launch Your Boat in Broome County
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