Cruising – A Family Affair! – Live Sail Die – Live Sail Die


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Busfield’s Colin Rees and daughter Chelsea, who are no strangers to spending time on a boat together, took an average delivery down the coast of New Zealand and turned it into a quick family trip!

Chelsea featured in the latest newsletter detailing their trip! Read what she had to say:
“A few weeks ago, in between the weekends of sailing in the Women’s Keelboat Nationals and the Open Keelboat National Regattas, I had the opportunity to sail with my dad, Colin Rees, and deliver a Bavaria 37 sailboat from the Bay of Islands to Auckland.
The forecast was promising, providing a weather window of glamour north-east winds, ideal for a fast cruisy trip to Auckland. However, as it turned out, the weather was quite dramatic and varied. The 25 knot squalls off of Cape Brett made for an exciting start as we surfed down waves at 11 knots!
The Bavaria 37 handled the conditions very well, trucking down the coast at good pace. Throughout the day the wind slowly started to die off, leaving the seas lumpy and confused. The rain was persistent and had not eased all day, leaving us completely drenched dressed in full wet weather gear. The decision was made to pull into the protected Whangaruru harbour for a beer where we anchored for the night.
The next day at the crack of dawn, we headed off on a downwind course that took us outside the Hen and Chicks and down to Little Barrier Island. Land couldn’t be seen for a good portion of the trip due to low cloud cover, creating an eerie back drop, but the dolphins and bird life kept us company and provided entertainment. With one jibe at Little Barrier, we continued into Auckland and we were parked up at Westhaven Marina by midnight.
As a young child I grew up sailing on my parents yacht. It was great to cruise down the coast with my dad and sailing hero. I found cruising very different to the racing I’m used to, and got told multiple times by Colin throughout the trip ‘remember Chelsea, we are just cruising’. However, that didn’t stop me from trying to make the boat go as fast as possible. Overall it was a relaxing and incredibly comfortable trip down the east coast. The Bavaria 37 definitely gets the tick of approval from me!”

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