Michael Jordan Caught A 25 Pound Dolphinfish At The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament – Fadeaway World


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via Grace Bell PhotographyThere are many former athletes who take up other activities after their playing career. Some just pick up another sport like golf. For Michael Jordan, it seems as though he has been active in the world of fishing.Michael Jordan is currently competing once again in the Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament. It seems as though the GOAT of basketball is an underrated fisherman, as he caught a 25-pound dolphinfish which was good for 8th place. This achievement is impressive, as there are 270 boats competing for the tournament. Here is what Torry Barron of ESPN had to say about Jordan's participation in the event.There might be a lot of big fish in the sea, but there is only one GOAT on the record-breaking 270 boats participating at the 2021 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in North Carolina.Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan took his talents back to the high seas to once again compete in the high stakes ($3.4 million) fishing tournament alongside the crew of his boat, an 80-foot Viking Yacht named Catch 23. I would detail the significance of that name, but if you don't know, this is the part of the journey where you need to go it alone.While Jordan & Co. reeled in a monster 442-pound blue marlin at last year's event, they fell short of the grand prize, with their big fish being the fourth-heaviest catch of that day.Knowing MJ's propensity for taking thing personally, er, competitive nature, I was certain he returned this year to avenge his loss. But unfortunately things haven't gone exceptionally well this time around, as His Airness' haul of a 25-pound dolphinfish -- that's Mahi Mahi for the untrained eye -- landed him in eighth place on the "heaviest dolphin" leaderboard.There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is an avid fisher and it is great to see him partake in the tournament once again. While he didn't win the grand prize last time, he has another chance to do it this year.
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