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Sport anglers will have the opportunity to reel in salmon off the Washington coast starting Saturday (June 19) in all four coastal marine areas, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Tuesday.
Fish managers expect higher numbers of coho salmon will make their way through the ocean this year as compared to 2020.
“The Columbia River coho forecasts are the highest we’ve seen in many years, which could lead to some great coho fishing,” said Wendy Beeghley, an ocean salmon manager with the WDFW. “However, the ocean quotas were constrained by the low expected returns to coastal rivers.”
The recreational coho catch quota this year is 70,000, up from 26,500 in 2020. This year’s chinook quota of 27,250 fish is a slight increase over the 2020 quota of 26,360. In Marine Areas 1 and 2, coho retention begins June 27, and in Marine Areas 3 and 4, coho retention begins July 4.
Anglers should check the area-specific rules for daily bag limits.
All four marine areas are scheduled to close to salmon fishing at the end of the day Sept. 15, but Beeghley noted these areas could close earlier if the quota is met.

Throughout the summer, anglers can check WDFW’s webpage at for updates.
Fishery reports
Fishing reports for waters in southwest Washington, including the Columbia River and tributaries as reported to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on June 15.
Always check the WDFW website at for the latest fishing rules and regulations as seasons can change or close quickly if necessary.
On Saturday, June 12, 474 salmonid boats and 373 Washington bank rods were tallied on the Lower Columbia mainstem from Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Bonneville.
Bonneville — 120 bank anglers kept 11 Chinook, five jacks and released 17 Chinook; eight boats/15 rods kept two Chinook and released three Chinook.

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Camas/Washougal — Eight boats/21 rods had no catch.
Interstate-5 area — No report.
Vancouver — 58 bank anglers kept two Chinook, one jack and released one jack; 60 boats/137 rods kept 14 Chinook and released nine Chinook.
Woodland — 63 bank anglers had no catch; 17 boats/42 rods kept two Chinook and released one Chinook.
Kalama — 149 bank anglers kept 21 Chinook, three jacks and released 11 Chinook, one sockeye and one steelhead; 40 boats/101 rods kept 12 Chinook, two jacks and released six Chinook, one jack, one sockeye and one steelhead.
Cowlitz — 12 boats/32 rods kept 11 Chinook, one jack, one steelhead and released three Chinook.
Longview — 136 bank anglers kept one Chinook, five steelhead and released two sockeye and two steelhead; 89 boats/217 rods kept 35 Chinook, two jacks, six steelhead and released seven Chinook, three jacks and one steelhead.
Cathlamet (Sec. 9) — 23 bank anglers kept one steelhead; 19 boats/52 rods kept 11 Chinook, five steelhead and released two Chinook and two steelhead.

Cathlamet (Sec. 10) — Seven boats/13 rods kept one Chinook.
Cathlamet (Sec. 9) — Four boats/10 rods kept one legal and released two oversize sturgeon.
Chinook/Deep River/Elochoman — 85 boats/229 rods kept 44 legal and released 94 sublegal and 174 oversize sturgeon.
Bonneville — 71 bank anglers kept 464 shad; two boats/four rods kept 98 shad.
Vancouver — Two boats/five rods kept six shad.
Woodland — Two boats/six rods kept 59 shad.
Kalama — Three boats/eight rods kept 24 shad.
Longview — One boat/four rods kept six shad.
Cowlitz River from Interstate-5 Bridge downstream — 32 bank rods kept three steelhead and released one steelhead; one boat/three rods had no catch.
Above the I-5 Bridge — 15 bank rods kept one steelhead; four boats/nine rods kept six steelhead.
Kalama River — No report.
Lewis River — No report.
Wind River — One boat/two rods had no catch.
Drano Lake — Two boats/three rods had no catch.
Klickitat River below Fisher Hill Bridge — Six bank rods kept two Chinook.
Recent trout plants
Swift Power Canal, June 7 — 4,200 rainbow, 1.75 fish per pound from Merwin Hatchery.
Kress Lake, June 7 — 2,020 rainbow, 2.22 fish per pound from Goldendale Hatchery.
Spearfish Lake, June 8 — 2,042 rainbow, 2.22 fish per pound from Goldendale Hatchery.
Rowland Lake, June 8 — 2,000 rainbow, 2.22 fish per pound from Goldendale Hatchery.
Lake Merwin, June 8 — 1,224 rainbow, 0.28 fish per pound from Merwin Hatchery.
Lake Sacajawea, June 9 — 2,000 brown trout, 2.30 fish per pound from Mossyrock Hatchery.
Goose Lake, June 9 — 2,775 rainbow, 2.22 fish per pound from Goldendale Hatchery.

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