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Despite fishing's popularity, it's not an official high school activity, Mike Max reports (3: 13). WCCO 4 News At 10 - June 11, 2021Video Transcript- Fishing isn't just a pastime in Minnesota. It is a way of life.- But despite the sport's popularity, it is not an official high school activity. But that could be changing, and Mike Max joins us to explain.MIKE MAX: Yeah, you keep on sending people out there that like it, and good ideas come from it. And I think one day it will be an official sport because it's getting closer. This is one big tournament coming up, and this is growing into one big high school sport. The sport is made from Minnesota, fishing. And high schools have taken to the water, as we found out why Senna is one of many that is hooked on his future. They gather a large room for the pre-season meeting, not unusual for a team but this team is different.- Once those fish are done spawning, they basically go on the feed-fest.MIKE MAX: This is the Wayzata High School fishing team, one that has grown exponentially since it started five years ago.HARRISON DAU: It's actually insane, like we started with eight and now it's upwards of 40, 50 kids.MIKE MAX: And in pursuit of the bass, they have bonded.NATE ICE: I love how we all come together and just have a good time on the water. There's really never a bad day, whether you're catching fish or not.MIKE MAX: This Sunday they will get a test. The first fishing competition will bring many teams, many boats.JASON ALESHIRE: There's at least 225 high school boats at this event this year. It's the biggest high school event I've seen. Certainly one of the biggest events we've ever had on this lake.MIKE MAX: They will be in search of this, the coveted bass. A male-dominated team with one exception.ANNA NELSON: I actually spent the first half of the year going around and talking to each boy who was on the team to get myself on the team. And then eventually, they finally-- after I like texted them and Snapped them and DM them on Instagram-- they finally let me on, but it took a while.MIKE MAX: Heavy on electronics and with a What Else fishing phone app, they can keep track of their competition in real time.NATE ICE: And the app shows how people are doing once they catch a fish and once you enter it into your phone, which is really cool. Because then you can see how your buddy is doing or a guy you just saw, which is pretty cool.MIKE MAX: But above all, in this room they're teammates that have become fishing friends.GRIFFIN MARKHAM: In my friend group is just the team. Nobody has-- there's no drama or anything we're all just friends.MIKE MAX: Just trying to catch a fish.GRIFFIN MARKHAM: That's right.MIKE MAX: Just trying to catch a fish. They'll go out at 7: 00 AM on Sunday. One boat captain and two participants per boat. Frank [INAUDIBLE] the boat captain oversees to make sure everything is done correctly with his phone app. That he can keep it going. It builds as it goes on, and you know how many fish you got to catch, how many pound are out there, all those things. So there's a lot of drama involved in these meets, because they've gotten so technologically advanced as well.- Hey, Maxie, have these guys and gals been fishing since they were little, some of them just starting to fish?MIKE MAX: Good question. Because of the 50, they said it runs the gamut. There are people that grew up fishing from the time they were young, or grew up on a lake, and there are many more that said, this is the first time I ever learned how to tie a knot, let alone what lure would work. Their big concern on Sunday is the heat, which isn't necessarily good for fishing so they're concerned about how warm it might get on Sunday. Of course, weather forecast coming up here in a minute.- Well, good luck to them anyway.- Indeed. Yeah thanks, Mike.
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