Big grouper lead the catch list at FSFA’s 52nd annual Offshore Slam fishing tournament – Florida Today


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A fleet of 90 boats registered to fish the 52nd annual Offshore Slam fishing tournament hosted by the Florida Sport Fishing Association, a recreational fishing club founded in Brevard County in 1968.Due to rough sea conditions with seas of 4-6 feet kicked up by 15-20 knot easterly winds that day, many boats opted not to fish offshore. However, for the winners, they were glad they went anyway, and certainly earned their winnings.The team fishing aboard Sea the Day was the big winner weighing in the largest gag grouper of 37.8 pounds. The big fish category collected $5,000. Lola fishing team won the grand slam award combing species of fish for a payout of $3,000.Relentless weighed a grouper of 37.6 pounds, just shy of the overall big fish award, and collected $1,250 for first place in the category. Getdown had the biggest kingfish weighing 37.65 pounds, Striper the biggest wahoo at 20.5 pounds and biggest dolphin at 15.0 pounds. All first place fish paid out $1,250.The 2020 Offshore Slam was canceled due to COVID regulations, said John Durkee, club representative."The Captains Expo on Friday evening had a very large turnout; seems everyone wants to get out of the house. That event is a big fundraiser and it was very successful.," Durkee said. "FSFA will be able to donate money to continue building artificial reefs, to science and marine education in Brevard County junior and senior high schools and to the International Dolphinfish research project."For more information on the FSFA and its upcoming events go to FSFAclub.orgResultsDolphin1. 15.0, Striper, $1,2502. 15.0, Deceiver, $7503. 13.8, Seapaws, $5004. 12.9, Battle Wagon, $3005. 8.15, After the Chaos, $200Kingfish1. 37.65, Getdown, $1,2502. 29.15, Lola, $7503. 16.30, Relentless, $5004. 13.5, FPIN Reel, $3005. 12.8, Key Factor, $200Wahoo1. 20.5, Striper, $1,2502. 3.4, BIG OIL, $7503. none weighed4. none weighed5. none weighedGrouper1. 37.6, Relentless, $1,2502. 33.5, Dittmeir Air Heat, $7503. 22.5, FPIN Reel, $5004. 21.7, Split Shot, $3005. 18.10, Ambush, $200Other categoriesBig Fish — 37.8 grouper, Sea the Day, $5,000Grand Slam — 35.7 Lola, $3,000Cobia — 38.0, Dittmeir Air Heat, $2,000Amberjack — 30.6, Sea the Day, $1,000Ladies divisionCobia — 17.1, Rachel GreeneKingfish — 16.3, Alyssa RochesterDolphin — 15.0, Miranda O'BrienJuniors divisionAmberjack — 8.0, Ely HerndonEd Killer is FLORIDA TODAY's outdoors writer. Follow him on Twitter @tcpalmekiller or email him [email protected]
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