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Many sportsmen and women, like me, are constantly trying to improve their hunting and fishing equipment. Simply put, we are gearheads when it comes to stimulating our passion for the outdoors. Ask hunters and anglers and they’ll be happy to let you know that the amount of gear they own or want to own is a serious commitment to their sport. We’re always looking for ways to get better, and any edge gained through gear or technology can easily be sold to this crew. As a collector of outdoor gear for over 40 years, I’m deeply involved in that category. Skeleton bait, trout flies, turkey barks and shotguns, deer rifles and scopes, clothing, optics, and of course, my car is all about my lifestyle and the history of hunting and fishing in my hometown. And expresses the embarrassment of promoting culture. West Virginia. Last year was a rare year to say the least, and hopefully there may be a new normal sensation someday. There is a good example of an unusual time, or in this case, not on the shelves of retail stores throughout the county. Ask anyone trying to find ammunition, boats, fishing lures, or almost any sporting goods. They may find that they are low or out of stock and are finding a message to notify them when they are available. To understand why this happens, I searched for news in search of reliable resources to gain some insights and landed in Southwick and Associates. This is a market research and economic company specializing in the hunting, shooting, sport fishing and other outdoor recreation markets. 30 years. This is their recently published title-Southwick Associates will release a report on the size of the hunting, shooting and sport fishing markets in 2020. In 2020, we have radically changed the consumption and variety of hunting, fishing and firearm products. In response to many factors such as distance requirements and social unrest, Demand has reached unexpected levels, including political changes, creating challenges that businesses haven’t expected earlier this year. Southwick Associates has released two reports to help businesses understand the size of the retail market in 2020. One targets the $ 10 billion fishing tackle market and the other targets the $ 24 billion firearms, hunting and entertainment shooting market. Nancy Bacon, Vice President of Southwick Associates, said: “COVID-19 and social issues have pushed demand to record highs. At the same time, the same factors have depleted wholesale and retail inventories, closed factories, scarce materials, backed up ports and great supply pressure. These new market size reports are designed to help companies better understand the world of new businesses. “ All major categories tracked by Southwick Associates showed an increase. After a slight growth in the first quarter of 2020, firearms and ammunition sales exploded during the rest of the year, experiencing growth of over 60% despite supply constraints. Hunting and shooting sports accessories also grew, with overall retail sales of fishing equipment increasing 55%. For more information, please contact us. www.southwickassociates.com
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