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If traffic and crowds, have you longing for a quick getaway, but you are short on travel time, how does this sound? A calm night with a beautiful view in the middle of nowhere, far from noise, except the sound of waves?Have you considered staying on a yacht bed-and-breakfast? Some give you the option of cruising the waterways during the day, see Miami and South Florida from an entirely different perspective then relax at night. Some are docked or you are they are in the water and you are transported there.

And here is an added benefit; it is a much cheaper option than a “land-staycation.”The website Trip101, recently published a list of some of the best yacht bed and breakfast, all in Miami, so you are close to home, and starting at under $100. The author, Deepa, list several advantages to staying on a yacht overnight, like waking up in the morning with a cool ocean breeze brushing your face.These water-bed-and-breakfast come in all sizes and levels of amenities.Hunter 26 Sailboat. Cozy yacht with kayak on board, from $120You will be picked up from the dinghy dock and sail toward Key Biscayne Bay, where the yacht is anchored. This yacht can accommodate up to two people with amenities such as a basic toilet, freshwater, and two kayaks.Classic Sailboat for a Sailboat for a romantic getaway from $95These two bedrooms and two full bathrooms sailboat can accommodate up to four people and will be docked at marina slip, in a private community. Best for couples for a romantic getaway or for solo travelers who like adventures. Drinks are not allowed on the boat.Private 30-foot cruiser with canoe and kayak. From $80If you are looking for a quiet place with amazing views, this is quite the experience.Surrounded by multi-million dollar homes, hard to find a better view. Sailboat is not at a dock. Be ready and dressed for a water adventure and a relaxing and quiet night out on the water. Vessel has one bedroom and a bathroom and can accommodate two guests. You will be picked up in a skiff and taken to the boar. Amenities include a tablet with WiFi, a built-in cooler, fresh water, and a hand shower.For the entire Trip101 post and more yacht options, click here.

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