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Founder of SuperYacht Times, Merijn de Waard, sat down at the Palma Superyacht Show 2021, with Francesco Frediani, CCO, and Francesco Ansalone, Marketing & Communications Manager of Arcadia Yachts. The talk covers the success behind the builders Arcadia 85 model, delving into the impetus behind its design, how it has made waves in the industry and helped to change perceptions of what yachting can be. The team also discusses the Sherpa range, which is seeing an increase in popularity, and takes a look at what the shipyard currently has in build. Photo: Michele FedericoWe are here on the 18th hull of the 25.9-metre Arcadia 85 model, introduced 10 years ago and still successful today. What do you think has made this model last the test of time and remain popular with your clients?We were the first to introduce a new kind of yachting with this model, which was built during a time of fast yachting, with high speed vessels. We were convinced that there was another kind of yachting client out there – slow yachting, yachts which allowed their owners to take advantage of their environment and take pleasure in navigation. Photo: Michele FedericoThis is the key concept that is still alive today and many other builders have taken inspiration from this. It is important to add the eco-friendly aspects of the yacht; the solar panels, the special double glazed windows used throughout and the use of a highly efficient hull at a target cruising speed of 12 knots. This yacht burns approximately 9 litres per nautical mile at 12 knots, which is around 100 litres per hour – very little compared to competitors of a similar size.Photo: Michele FedericoWhen this model came out, Arcadia introduced a completely new and unique lifestyle on board. Many yachts today are built to live inside and not outside but Arcadia created a balance between the interior and exterior spaces. The design offers a 65 square-metre cockpit to enjoy together, or split into different social areas, in the fresh, open air. The design is also customisable to create all of the options that you need to really live and enjoy life on board. Photo: Michele FedericoSo, what is the demographic of clients that buys this kind of boat and do you see a particular pattern?We have owners coming from all over the world, most of them use it in the Mediterranean, but we also have owners in Australia, China, all of Asia, England – it is truly a diverse mix of people.What we have seen is that the owners are not specifically young, but in particular are not first time yacht owners. Generally Arcadia clients have had a number of yachts before they come to us, and are looking for something different, where they can really feel good on board all the time, and not be disrupted by noise.Photo: Michele FedericoWe are here at Palma, for many of us one of the first boat shows of the year, how has the start of the show been for you so far? So far it has been very good, yesterday was very busy with lots of interest and high quality visitors. People here truly have a passion for yachting and for the industry, and many of them are looking for what's new in the market after the pandemic. We are very positive, there is a sense that the market is truly booming all over the world and the fact that your yacht is your own private island with your family, with no restrictions, is more and more appreciated by our customers. I think that is one of the reasons that the market is booming today. Photo: Michele FedericoSo this yacht, hull number 18, is currently for sale as a speculation yacht. Do you expect this to sell for this season?Oh yes, we expect this yacht to sell before the summer, we currently have two in our stock because this is such a popular model, we are very sure this yacht will sell before the season begins. The market requires great yachts, ready to go, and we are going back to the time when clients were looking-touch-buying, rather than building. People are impatient, they want to enjoy life now and have something ready to go straight away. Photo: Michele FedericoAnd are you anticipating that by starting more models on speculation? We normally have at least one unit built and one to be customised to the owners requirements up to the size of the Arcadia 85. We have one 31.57-metre 105 hull and one 35-metre 115 ready to be customised, but normally we do not complete that size without the customer.What are you still to deliver this year to customers? We still have hull five of the 115 model to deliver this year, and this is a very special semi-custom with unique interiors, though this is a very private vessel which will not be released to the public. Photo: Arcadia YachtsOn the Sherpa range, is this getting a lot of traction from the market?This is a unique range, which has to be truly understood by the  buyer. For those who understand the potential offered by this model it is a truly special model and there is a lot of interest in the 18.67-metre Sherpa 60, especially in areas where there are a lot of places around you which can only be reached by boat. For places like Ibiza and Formentera, with small private beaches and shallow hidden spots, the Sherpa 60 is exactly what you need. Is there also the Sherpa 80 XL in production? Yes we just sold the second hull of the 23.8-metre Sherpa 80, and the third hull is currently in production and we are laminating hull number four, so it is certainly looking very positive for next season. Photo: Arcadia Yachts

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