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Marsaudon Composites has announced a new multihull in the ORC 57 alongside which the company has announced a rebranding of their range, now all of which will be known as Ocean Rider Catamarans (or ORC)
Marsaudon Composites has built an enthusiastic following for its TS42 and TS50 catamarans since the smaller boat was launched six years ago. Now they are adding a new design to their range, the ORC 57.
The yard is based at Lorient La Base, at the heart of the French offshore racing scene, so it’s perhaps no surprise these designs are lightweight and have more than a nod towards the performance end of the sailing spectrum.
The direct tiller steering on both previous moles is an example of the thinking that sets these boats apart from other multihulls and makes them sought after models. Yet they also have enough space both on deck and below to offer very comfortable living.

Having seen success with their first two cats, the French marque is now launching the new 57-footer, the ORC 57, which comes from the pen of designer, Marc Lombard. It shares the same hallmarks as the existing models, although a wheel steering option will also be offered.
In suitable conditions this is a cruising yacht that can be expected to hit speeds of well over 20 knots.
The hull shape of the ORC 57 is clearly a progression from the earlier models, while following the same light displacement principles with fine hull shapes. Lombard drew a new shape for the bows to increase efficiency and reduce the tendency for bow-down trim.
The additional size makes the interior spaces of this boat significantly larger than those of the 50-footer, especially in the hulls. Much thought has also gone into ergonomics and weight saving, stripping out and simplifying anything that is not essential. CEO Damien Cailliau likes to draw on a quote from Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars: “Simplify, then add lightness.”

As an example, there are no hull linings, which saves weight and complication, but requires extremely neat moulding.
As a low volume builder – only 28 of the smaller boats have been built in total – Marsaudon Composites offers semi-custom interior arrangements, providing they don’t add unnecessary weight.
At the same time as announcing this design Marsaudon launched a rebranding of the range, which will now be known as Ocean Rider Catamarans (or ORC).

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