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CA based Paddleboards USA is taking steps to help their community find great places to paddleboard in Louisiana. While this is one of the most popular water activities in the US, some people treat it as a sport while others see it as a physical exercise. With more people getting into it day by day, those exploring their newfound interest have often come to wonder where the best places in their state are to go paddleboarding.
This spike of interest in activities with stand up paddleboards, also known as SUP, has not gone unnoticed. Paddleboards USA, a prominent company that rents out stand up paddleboards, is rising to the occasion to offer their water-loving community the benefit of their experience. As such, newcomers are welcome to take advantage of the company’s advice when they plan their next trip in the Bayou State.
The company starts by listing Lake Salvador as the top destination for paddleboarding enthusiasts near New Orleans. The beautiful scenery here is one of the main attractions of the lake. It draws all kinds of people, from yoga enthusiasts to professional photographers, who visit the nearby swampland for photoshoots. The lake itself is also quite popular thanks in part to its calm waters and an average depth of 6 feet. It is the perfect location for families looking for a place to relax — or new paddlers training on their own.
Lake Pontchartrain is another prime paddleboarding destination. This is one of the largest lakes in the United States, with upwards of 400,000 square acres of water to explore, more than enough to last a lifetime. Fishing and scuba diving are popular activities at the lake, though paddleboarders have also come to call this location their own.
The Lake Fausse Pointe is another great option for paddlers near Lafayette. While it is further away from other popular options in the area, Paddleboards USA states that visiting Lake Fausse Pointe is worth the effort. This rich-history lake offers 6,000 acres of water to explore, though it is also a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Black bears, alligators and other exciting animals, large and small, can be spotted prowling around the area. Some of the state’s most popular fishing tournaments are hosted on the lake. Paddlers usually visit this location in pursuit of the many activities that it offers.
For those looking for a change in scenery, and something other than a lake to take their paddleboard for practice, the company recommends visiting the Bayou Lafourche. Also known as the Chitimachas River, Bayou Lafourche is a 106-mile long river bayou that runs along the southern half of Louisiana and into the Gulf of Mexico. This is a favorite location for sightseeing tourists, who can get close and personal to the many new and old river boats that float down the Bayou Lafourche. Many private and commercial boats float along this river, though many parts are just as popular with paddleboarders.
The Bayou Lafourche also hosts multiple paddleboarding races and multi-day guided tours all throughout April, making this a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to experience the popular activity, even if only as a bystander.
Lastly, Lake Buhlow is considered by many to be the most popular lake for those in the Alexandria and Pineville area. Lake Buhlow has the unique characteristic of having the Pineville Municipal Airport located right on its shores, meaning that paddlers may enjoy watching planes fly directly overhead over the course of the day. Paddleboarding vendors litter the area and provide an excellent mixture of the private lessons, tours and gear needed to have a great time.
There are many activities that paddleboarders can take part in when visiting any of these locations, as paddle boards are rather practical in offering different opportunities to exercise and pass time with. Paddleboarding is an activity that can be shared with all of the family, as it is rather easy to do and can be taken very lightly. Paddlers can take their boards in the water for fishing, or stay on the shore and do yoga, as the board offers around the same space as a yoga mat would. Those interested in competitions can race each other, while others more interested in relaxing can go tour around locations on their board.
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