The Galleon Proposes a Sailing Gigayacht for 200 Guests and Insane Amenities – autoevolution


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Meet The Galleon, the unofficial runner for the equally unofficial title of the world’s most bonkers yacht, be it real or imagined. The only worthy rival for this insane, outrageous and downright shameless concept is perhaps the Galileo2 catamaran by German firm Beiderbeck Designs, intentionally designed as the world’s largest and most luxurious cat.

The Galleon is an eight-deck construction that draws direct inspiration from the galleon warships of yore. Unlike those, this one won’t be used for war-waging, unless you list going to war against boredom in this category: this is a monstrous vessel designed for non-stop entertainment, against a backdrop of unparalleled luxury and unique opportunities.

Think of it as a floating fun city from your dreams, and it’s probably a fitting description.
Kozloff lists his favorite yacht as “long-range, expedition, full displacement” and with ultra-luxe amenities. The Galleon has all of this times a hundred, which makes sense: it’s meant as the crown jewel of the Goliath series of concepts. Another entry in this fictional series of explorer superyachts is the Arctic Owl concept we discussed in March this year, shortly after publication.

The Galleon is several times bigger and more impressive: it is a 525-foot (160-meter) sail-assisted yacht, with four towering masts on top of the eight decks, and onboard capacity for as much as 200 guests or 20 private residences (condos at sea), Kozloff says in a statement to Interesting Engineering. As such, it could work as an ocean liner, a floating resort or a gigayacht for the world’s most indulging gazillionaire, since it would come with a fully customizable interior layout.

Whichever the capacity it would be used in, it would have transoceanic capabilities, thanks to its steel ice-class hull and aluminum superstructure, its five 10,000 hp diesel-electric engines, and the four DynaRigs with a total sail area 105,220 square feet (9,775 square meters). Speaking to The Robb Report, the designer says he imagines The Galleon would soar at 19 knots tops, with a cruising range of 10,000 nautical miles.

Since this is all about daydreaming for the most outrageous vessel possible, Kozloff grants The Galleon could also be fully electric. In this case, it would “encourage the ship industry to be more green.”
Whereas the layout would vary depending on its use, The Galleon would come with certain standard features and equipment. And they’re anything but “standard:” two sizable interior pools and two river pools connected by a waterslide on the forward decks; storage for 10 helicopters with maintenance facility and a separate landing pad; cafes, bars, a park, restaurants; an indoors sports center with full-size basketball court, tennis court and no less than four handball courts. Even when you’re on vacation, you can’t afford to slack on your workouts, let’s all agree on that.

To further maximize the already massive volume of available space, the indoor pools would feature a Kozloff invention that will see them turned into gazebos when not in use, by deploying hardcovers over them. The same hardcovers would serve to keep the pools clean when not in use for longer stretches.

Because this many guests will have to be entertained in a variety of ways, The Galleon comes with four full-beam tender garages, with room for six speedboats, four U-Boat Worx Nemo submarines and the included launch and recovery system, twelve rib tenders, and 21 personal watercraft. Two cranes will be positioned aft to launch recreational vehicles, including a NIMBL Evolution overlander, quads and even a SHERP.
If you’re thinking a ship of this size will be that much quicker to sink, Kozloff has thought of that, too: twelve free-fall lifeboats, each with a 30-person capacity, are part of the standard equipment. The Galleon is no Titanic. Then again, The Galleon is not real, either.
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