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What better way to celebrate being in Paris, the City of Light, than toasting with a flute of Champagne? You can enjoy a glass of France’s finest bubbly almost anywhere wine is served, and you can choose from having a glass at a local café for under $15 to going to the very top, visiting an exclusive, five-star hotel terrace suite with great views of the city. We have curated a comprehensive list of Champagne bars and venues across Paris. Cheers, or as we say in French when we toast, santé, which means “to your health.”

1. Champop 

Champop is a fun, multi-purpose space that combines an art gallery, water bar, and Champagne bar under one roof. Located on the Right Bank in the trendy Marais district where many of the top contemporary galleries are, Champop specializes in pop and street art, with work by artists Banksy, Andy Warhol, KAWS, Takashi Murakami, Mister LucaT, and Rakel Wajnberg. 

2. Le Dokhan’s Bar 

Sip a flute of Champagne with the locals at Le Dokhan’s Bar, which is a favorite of Parisians. Situated near the Place Trocadero, which has the best view of the Eiffel Tower, the lounge setting with low lighting and candles has comfy velvet club chairs and walls painted in a soft sage green. Don’t be overwhelmed by the 200+ types of Champagne on the menu, the friendly sommelier will assist you in making the right choice. Le Dokhan’s offers a three-glass tasting of Champagnes starting at 30 euros, a decadent Champagne and caviar tasting for just under 60 euros per person, and a la carte small plates to accompany your Champagne including foie gras, a plate of seafood hors-d’oeuvres, and a plate with an assortment of fine French cheeses. 

Le Dokhan’s Bar is part of the Le Dokhan, a luxurious boutique hotel centrally located near many of the top attractions in Paris. 

3. Krug Champagne Terrace 

The Shangri-La Hotel is one of the top-tier, luxury hotels in Paris with a five-star rating. Located in an upscale, residential neighborhood, the Shangri-La Paris is an opulent mansion that was built for Prince Roland Bonaparte, the brother of Napoleon III, in 1896. 

Every year, the hotel installs a pop-up Champagne bar from the first week of June until the last week of September on the terrace of one of their most extravagant suites. The hotel partners exclusively with Krug Champagne, a prestigious Champagne house founded in 1843, and each season they offer a particular vintage. In addition to the Champagne, the hotel chef prepares a selection of small plates to match with the essence of the Champagne. The best part of the experience is the killer view of the Eiffel Tower lit up, plus other iconic landmarks on the Paris skyline. The intimate terrace with comfortable, wicker chairs and sofas with cushy pillows and seat cushions only holds 24 people, so make sure you reserve in advance. 

On July 14, Bastille Day, the Krug Champagne Terrace offers a special menu to celebrate the important day in French history and an opportunity to view the stupendous fireworks extravaganza. 

The Krug Champagne Terrace is open 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. during the week and 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the weekends. 

Pro Tip: In June, July, and August, sunset isn’t until about 10 p.m. 

4. O’Chateau

In addition to being a highly regarded wine bar with an extensive wine list, O’Chateau organizes special tastings and wine events. Conveniently located near the Louvre, O’Chateau has a three-glass tasting of Champagne Rosé, Champagne Brut, and Champagne Blanc de Blancs for 40 euros per person. O’Chateau also has private event rooms, and you can reserve one for your wine and/or Champagne tastings, plus they offer a food menu. 

5. Dilettantes

You may be a dilettante when it comes to your knowledge of Champagne, but there are experts at Dilettantes Champagne Bar to guide you. Almost like an old-fashioned speakeasy, although it’s totally legal, Dilettantes is hidden in a converted 17th-century cellar in the Latin Quarter. Their menu has 130 types of Champagne and you can have a glass of as little as 9 euros or order a full bottle. You will get to savor the taste of Champagne from the great, official pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot meunier Champagne regions. Meet the Grower is a Dilettantes program that allows guests to meet the owners of some of the Champagne houses and taste the various Champagnes they produce. Dilettantes also organizes two-day trips to the Champagne region from Paris. 

6. Champagne Bar Eiffel Tower

You won’t get a better view of the city of Paris than at the Eiffel Tower, so why not indulge in a flute of Champagne while you are at it? At the top level of the Eiffel Tower, 900 feet above Paris, there’s a Champagne kiosk that sells classic flutes of classic Champagne for 15 euros and G.H. Mumm rosé Champagne for 18 euros a glass — and add an extra 5 euros for a glass that glows. They also offer a 15-gram caviar tasting with two glasses of Champagne for 50 euros — add an extra 5 euros for rosé Champagne. Alternatively, the kiosk also sells lemonade and bottled still and sparkling water. 

7. Canard & Champagne

Combining two superior, gourmet products from France, Canard & Champagne serves high-quality duck dishes and Champagne together. Inside one of the popular shopping passageways from the 19th century, the Passage Panorama, Canard & Champagne has a myriad of duck dishes on the menu including duck confit, duck burgers, foie gras, duck terrine, and duck breasts. Accompanying the duck is an extensive list of Champagne Brut, blanc de blancs, and rosés, plus top vintages such as Bollinger, Krug, Billecart Salmon, Cristal Roderer, and Dom Perignon. At lunch and dinner, you can have a starter, a main course, and a glass of Champagne for 35 euros. There are also options for the same with two glasses of Champagne or for a starter, a main course, a dessert, and three glasses of Champagne with prices increasing accordingly. 

8. Bubble Suite At Hilton Paris Opera

On the lobby floor of the Hilton Paris Opera, near the Paris Opera Garnier, is the Bubble Suite, where the hotel has teamed up with the Champagne label Collet to serve their clients Champagne in an art deco-style bar. Open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Bubble Suite serves a curated selection of Collet’s finest Champagnes. The bar also mixes a range of inventive Champagne cocktails including the Origami, a Japanese-inspired drink made with yuzu liqueur, matcha tea, lime, and fresh mint leaves, served in a handsome art deco glass; le Rubis with strawberry liqueur and nectar; and le Mayari, with rum, pineapple, bitters, and lime. Chef Eric Lenormand prepares a fun cocktail food menu with dishes such as sea scallops with parsnip purée, oysters with a berry vinegar, and foie gras lollipops. 

9. Bar Hemingway At The Ritz Paris

Two iconic legends, the Ritz Paris Hotel and the American writer Ernest Hemingway, come together at the Bar Hemingway. As a young journalist and novelist living in Paris in the 1920s, Hemingway struggled for many years until he wrote The Sun Also Rises in 1926, which capitulated him into a bestselling author. With his newfound fame and fortune, Hemingway lived for years in a suite at the hotel and also frequently drank at the bar, which was eventually named the Bar Hemingway. Today, Colin Field, who presides over Bar Hemingway, has been named the best bartender in the world many times over by the worldwide press. 

Field’s specialties include his custom Champagne cocktails mixed exclusively for the hotel. They include the In Vogue mixed with Ritz Paris Champagne and strawberry liqueur; Rhubarb and Custard, made with Champagne, rhubarb vodka, raspberry liquor, and fresh-squeezed rhubarb juice; and France in a Glass, a mixture of Champagne, apple juice, fresh mint, and Calvados, an apple liqueur from Normandy, France.

Pro Tip: Men should wear a sports jacket or suit to Bar Hemingway. A cocktail here costs approximately 40 euros.

For more Champagne bar inspiration, consider The World’s 9 Best Champagne Bars To Enjoy A Sip, too.

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