South Suburban Youth Fishing Club Seeks Boaters for Competition – NBC Chicago


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The more than two dozen members of a youth fishing club in Chicago's south suburbs hope to compete in a bass fishing tournament this weekend, but help is needed in order for that to become reality.

The Off the Hook - South Bassmaster Fishing Club seeks boaters who will volunteer both their watercraft and their time for Saturday's high school and junior Illinois B.A.S.S. Nation tournament along the Cal-Sag Channel in Alsip.

Earlier this week, the group issued a plea on its Facebook page, explaining Saturday will be its last chance to qualify for the state competition.

"If we don’t have boaters and get the kids out on the water, they don’t even have the opportunity to try to make state and get to that big stage of nationals," explained Steve Petrille, Off the Hook club president.

While bass fishing isn't the most popular or publicized sport, it's incredibly important for its members and their families.

"I want him to know his sport is just as important as his brothers’ baseball or boxing," said Aja Moore, whose son, Tyler, is a member of Off the Hook - South.


For Tyler, whose goal is to advance to the national tournament, this weekend is a crucial opportunity.

"It would mean a lot if we had a boat this weekend, and if we had enough for everyone to get on a boat," he said.

Anyone interested volunteering for Saturday's competition is encouraged to reach out to Off the Hook on Facebook or at [email protected]

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