Brighton residents can go fly a flag –


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By Natalie HamiltonLocal Journalism Initiative ReporterThu., May 20, 2021timer1 min. readWith a crest recognizing its agriculture, historic maritime trade and bountiful apple harvest, the municipality of Brighton’s flag is now available to purchase.  Residents who wish to fly a flag bearing Brighton’s coat of arms can order one through the municipality’s website.   Council amended its policy in 2020 regarding the use of the municipal logo, crests and images. While Brighton previously restricted their use by the community, council decided the use of the coat of arms on municipal flags would be permitted moving forward.  Officially granted in February of 2008, the flag’s yellow colour alludes to agriculture, particularly wheat and corn. The anchors indicate the area's historic maritime trade and current recreational boating. The apples refer to a prominent local crop, while the fish represent sport fishing and the fishing industry. The crenellated line refers to industry.  “My wish was to make them available to anyone who wanted to fly a Brighton flag,” said Brighton Mayor Brian Ostrander, who brought the issue of amending the existing municipal policy to council in the fall.  “We’re not looking to make money here. We’re talking about being able to sell the flag so that people can fly them on their boats or off their porches and show a little civic pride.”  In its report to council, staff said the coat of arms, flag and badge are formal heraldic symbols of high importance granted as honours from the Crown in Canada and are only used by the office of the mayor. Further, the municipal coat of arms expresses the municipality’s history and should only be used for official purposes, staff suggested. Now that the policy has been amended, the flag, which is 36 inches by 72 inches and costs $70 plus HST, is available to order at:
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