Rehab kids looking for lunkers in all the right places –


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LAKE FORT PHANTOM HILL – It felt like high seas on the lake Saturday. But like they say, even your worst day of fishing will beat your best day at work.“And that is the truth!” Bart Craig said.. He sat in a fishing boat on a trailer with the boat’s owner, Frank Mixon.“That’s exactly right,” Mixon added.Between them was Bart’s 10-year-old daughter, Reagan, who wore a life vest, hands tapping and pointing at various things as they waited their turn to enter the water. The occasion was the fifth annual CAST for Kids fishing event, organized by the West Texas Rehabilitation Center.Short for “Catch A Special Thrill”, the CAST for Kids Foundation is a national charity formed in 1991 to connect sport fishing volunteers with special needs children for a day of fishing in the outdoors. Like everything else, COVID preempted 2020’s event.
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