Hout Bay based Bahari enters Cape2Rio 2023 Race Husband-and-wife team Brenton and Kim Chauncey – Sail World


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by The Royal Cape Yacht Club 15 May 05: 07 PDT
2 January 2023

The Cape2Rio Race is not just about attracting out and out ocean racing machines. The event has a proud history of being an amazing stepping stone for sailors from across the world to set off on a dream cruise, a journey, a discovery.

An opportunity to cross the South Atlantic Ocean in the company of other boats and then head off on a voyage of discovery along the Brazilian Coast, into the Caribbean and then in time, either to the majestic Pacific Ocean or towards the magnificent cruising waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Bahari, owned and skippered by husband-and-wife team of Brenton and Kim Chauncey, together with their nephew Luke Walker and friend Andre Erasmus are planning to do just that. The Royal Cape Yacht Club and Iate Club do Rio de Janeiro welcome this entry. A 40-foot Gaff Cutter designed by Dudley Dix and built with steel by Brian Allcock and Colin Van Oudtshoorn in South Africa, she is a spacious cruising boat perfectly suited to their objective.

Following the completion of the Cape2Rio Race 2023 they intend to cruise to Ilha Grande, Brazil and then to the Caribbean and onwards to the Med over time. They are part of a network of like-minded sailors, who are also evaluating putting in an entry with the same long term cruising plans in mind.

Commodore Neil Gregory stated: "We wish to continue the strong tradition of cruising boat entries into our race. Yacht racing is a personal challenge, getting to Rio is an accomplishment. Welcome Bahari and crew, we look forward to many more entries."

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