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Fishing is a sport and a hobby for so many people around the world. Whether you’re looking to spend a relaxing bit of time in a serene location or having some fun with a few friends, fishing is a pastime that quite a few people can get behind. However, there are certain areas and conditions that make fishing pretty limited. In this list, we’re going to highlight some of the best and more current fishing games to have come out over the past couple of years.

#5 Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Platform : Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, XSX|S, PS5 Release Date : STEAM Demo: May 10, 2021 | 2021Genre : Sports Video Game, Casual game, Simulation Game, Simulation, Sports 
A sequel to the already popular Ultimate Fishing Simulator is in the works and slated to release this year. It’s not an old title either with the first game since it only released back in 2017 but the developers were taking in the different feedback that fans gave to bring out a title that had the same feel as the original installment but with necessary adjustments, fans were hoping to see out of the original game. The game is based around realism with different areas coming in with unique breeds of fish that you could potentially catch. Each fish breed is different as well and like in real life you may find yourself having to cast a line in the open waters, near reeds, or fallen trees to catch the specific type of fish you’re after. Speaking of the locations, there’s a variety of areas to fish in both aiming to deliver a realistic warm environment or if you want to try your hand at ice fishing but never could make it out to a frozen lake then that’s another accessible environment location to take up within Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2.
Players will need to be a bit strategic with the fish AI system as they don’t just spawn in the water as you cast the line. Instead, you’ll need to know where to cast and reel in at. This should be a bit easier to manage thanks to the underwater camera gear system that players can toss in and find out where the fish may be located. We also can’t forget to mention that the developers are making two game modes here which will either allow new players that may not be as experienced in fishing a chance to enjoy this game along with a mode aimed for the experienced fisherman. Currently, the game is not out fully yet but there is a demo right now on Steam that you can try.
#4 Fisher Online

Platform : PCRelease Date : 27 Oct, 2019Genre : Indie game, Early Access, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation 
Fisher Online is an early access title on Steam and is made to be an MMO so you could meet up with friends and fish together. This is a title that throws players into Europe and Russia as you attempt to catch the different fish available. There are no rules or licenses here to mess with, instead, you’re after the hunt on your terms. This means gathering the necessary lures and bait to use as you cast your different types of lines into the water. Being an early access title there’s going to be plenty of fixes and tweaks made which in most cases the developers are actively watching the feedback to see just what the fans are wanting to see changed up. As a result, you may see more gear get added into the game, adjustments to the mechanics, and improvements visually.
With that said, this has been a pretty well-received game so far by the community. There’s a good range of fish both small and larges so it just comes down to knowing how to actively catch these fish in the wild. Now while this game is in early access, you will need to pay $14.99 on Steam to play it and you’ll find that most are starting to make this their go-to fishing game. Since it first came to the scene in 2019, it looks like the developers are doing a great job at keeping the title updated so we’re certainly interested in seeing just how this game holds up in the next few years.
#3 Fishing: North Atlantic

Platform : PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date : 16 October 2020Genre : Simulation Video Game, Strategy Video Game, Simulation 
One of the more recent video games to have launched into the marketplace is Fishing: North Atlantic. This is a single-player experience where you’re going through a career as a fisherman in the North Atlantic, seeking valuable goods to scoop up from the depths below for a big profit. From there, it’s all about making the necessary upgrades to keep your business thriving. This could be anything from the fishing boats you take out into the open sea or the gear you’re physically using to catch these fish.
Rather than fishing casually, this is a business you’re attempting to keep afloat. It can mean taking risks as you brave the tough weather systems that come through while using the best equipment to ensure that you’re on the track of where the fish such as GPS and sonar. This might not be a game for everyone especially if you’re just after a fun casual fishing type of experience, but for those of you who need a bit more of a challenge to the gameplay experience then this is the game we’re suggesting you check into.
#2 Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Platform : PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date : 18 September 2018Genre : Sports Video Game, Casual game, Simulation Game, Simulation, Sports  
As mentioned, fishing is more than just a hobby. This is a sport that requires a ton of knowledge and skill to successfully catch specific breeds of fish. Some athletes do this for a living and bring plenty of sponsorship deals along the way. With Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, players are given the chance to work their way up the competition to become the best elite angler out there. If you love throwing out a line and competing with others to see just what you’re able to bring up then this might be the game for you.
The career mode here is about becoming an elite angler as you challenge anglers from all over the world. Here you’ll need to use your skills as a fisherman along with the necessary tools and gear to ensure that you’re able to compete against the best. If the career mode doesn’t cut it for you then there is an online PvP option where you can partake in different online tournaments or simply fish against specific friends online in your custom match setup. Those of you who want a competitive fishing game should not pass up the opportunity of playing Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour.
#1 Fishing Planet

Platform : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Macintosh operating systems Release Date : 11 August 2015 Genre : Simulation Video Game, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Sports 
Lastly, a game that has been around for a bit longer than the others but still a title well worth playing is Fishing Planet. This is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases for different sports packs to make use of. Here players are given a single-player or MMO experience of just going out into the wild and attempting to catch the different breeds of fish there are in the open waters. You can select the different gear you have whether it’s based on float tackles, lures, rods, reels, or any other tools that may be featured in the shop.
Here you’ll find multiple locations to visit, different types of boats, and a dynamic weather system that provides rain, fog, or just a calm sunny day. With all that said, you’ll need to take care of your gear as the physics in this game is pretty realistic. You might find a line will snap or a reel breaking if you’re not careful about how you’re handling the rod. Since this is a free-to-play game, it’s one that won’t set you back anything to give it a try today.

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