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Only 40 boats will get to experience this epic event

The Evolution Sails Northern Triangle race is set to be a sell out, and will be equivalent to a sold out U2 concert. You won’t want to miss it!
The race only has 40 entry spots for the 2022 Evolution Sails Northern Triangle, and based on the massive response we have had, well over that number are keen to do this race.
Unfortunately due to restrictions at our partner clubs, and to ensure a successful inaugural event – fleet numbers are restricted. 
Entries open for SSANZ members on Sunday 16th May at 7pm.
We are expecting that the race will sell out that evening. 
To have a valid entry on Sunday 16th May you must be a current member of SSANZ with your membership fees up to date.
The first 40 valid race entry tickets sold will be the lucky race participants.
If you are not fast enough – you will miss out! FOMO or the fear of missing out has already set in for some skippers.
As a result – we encourage you to ensure you purchase your race entry ‘ticket’ on Sunday 16th – as close to 7pm as possible.
You will only need basic details – your name, the boat name, an email, and a phone number to enter, and to pay the entry fee.
There will be boats and skippers who miss out on doing this race. Unfortunately, no amount of money, knowing the right people, bribery, or ridiculous amounts of rum offered will get you a magic entry spot.
The only way to enter is from Sunday 16th May, at 7pm, on our website for SSANZ members, and if any spots remain, from Tuesday 18th May for non-members (we DO NOT expect to have any available racing spots for non-members).
If you miss out on a race spot – you can be waitlisted – more details about this are below.
2019 Lewmar Triple Series. Race 2. Photo: Suellen Hurling – Live Sail Die
Starting on Saturday 19th February at 9am from Westhaven, the race is a total of 510nm.

Leg One: Auckland Harbour to the entrance of Mangonui Harbour  (approximately 154nm)
Leg Two: Entrance of Mangonui Harbour to Tauranga Harbour  (approximately 230nm)
Leg Three: Tauranga Harbour to Auckland Harbour  (approximately 126nm)

At Mangonui we will be hosted by the Mangonui Cruising Club, and in Tauranga we will be hosted by the Mount Maunganui Yacht Club. A big thanks to both of these clubs for supporting this event.
2019 Lewmar Triple Series. Race 2. Photo: Suellen Hurling – Live Sail Die
Entry Requirements

Boats must be either a Monohull yacht longer than 7.923m or a multihull yacht 10.0m or longer, must hold a current Category 3 Safety Certificate for the duration of the race, and meet all entry requirements as detailed in the Notice of Race.
Entry opens at 7pm, Sunday 16th May for SSANZ members, for non SSANZ entrants entry will open at 7pm on Tuesday 18th May (we DO NOT expect to have any entry spots available to non-members).
Entry is strictly limited to 40 boats, after this, a waitlist system will apply if required.
Entry is $900 for SSANZ Members and $1000 for non-SSANZ members. Entry fees are non-refundable (joining SSANZ costs just $75 per year).
Entry is not transferrable to another boat/skipper. Skippers can transfer entry from one yacht to another – e.g to accommodate the sale and purchase of a new yacht prior to the start of the race – with the same skipper racing with the approval of SSANZ. No other transfers are possible.
In the event that an entrant can no longer participate – the entry spot will then be offered to the next skipper/yacht on the waitlist. 
Entrants are required to complete and supply a number of documents as part of our Entry, Safety, Media, and Race Management requirements, failure to do this by the nominated date may result in your race entry being canceled and your entry being offered to the next yacht/skipper on the waitlist. Documents include, but are not limited to:

Documentation requirements as per the Notice of Race.
Boat and Skippers Profiles
Detailed Entry Form

2019 Lewmar Triple Series. Race 2. Photo: Suellen Hurling – Live Sail Die
Wait List Process

When/if all 40 spots have been taken a wait list system will apply to additional entries.
Wait-listed boats will be offered spots as/if they become available in the order they join the waitlist.
To be added to the waitlist a fee of $150 must be paid.
In the event that a wait-listed boat is offered a spot – they will have 48 hours to accept and pay the remaining entry fee. If they decline when offered a spot – the waitlist fee will be forfeited.
A yacht can withdraw from the waitlist any time before they are offered a spot and receive a full refund of the $150 waitlist fee.
Any wait-listed boat not offered a race spot by 1 December 2021 – will be refunded the wait list fee in full in December. It is not expected that after 1 December any new boats will enter the fleet due to the preparation and build up time needed for this race.


SSANZ Membership is $75 per year.
For those entering the Evolution Sails Northern Triangle who are not SSANZ members – you may want to consider joining to ensure you can enter from the 16thMay – with other SSANZ members to give yourself the best chance at a racing slot.
The SSANZ Membership year is from the day you pay your membership fee – for 1 calendar year from that date.
Members get special rates for entering all SSANZ races.
Joining SSANZ is easy – visit
Entry is $900 for this race – plus a SSANZ membership for 1 year is $75 – a total cost of $975, entry for non-members into this race is $1000. You do the math….

Key Contacts
Scott Wilson – Race Officer – 021 653 434
Jon Henry – Race Director – 027 477 9745
Neil Hilder- SSANZ Chairman – 021 766 793
Sarah Wiblin – Media 027 705 1502

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