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A French builder has launched a sailing dinghy that can carry two adults, and when taken apart, fits in the trunk of a car.May 5, 2021Even though it's portable, the Reverso Air doesn't lack in performance.Courtesy ReversoDo you have big sailing dreams but not a lot of room for a boat? Check out the Reverso Air, a 12-foot sailing dinghy that can be disassembled into four pieces that will fit in the trunk of a car. A company release includes a video of two people fitting and latching the hull pieces together and assembling the mast and single sail in under two minutes.The Reverso Air breaks down into four pieces and can fit in the trunk of a car.Courtesy ReversoThe four hull sections range in weight from roughly 4 to 35 pounds. Sections of the rigid hull are made from vacuum infused fiberglass with a foam core; the mast is carbon fiber. Carrying weight is up to two adults or roughly 350 pounds. The boat comes in four models, with pricing, delivered to the US, starting at just under $13,000.
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