The Most Common Boating Questions Answered for the Beginners –


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With the pandemic in the offing, a lot of leisure activities have scaled down. This has necessitated a lot of New York residents to search for methods of having fun outside while at the same time socially distancing.

Luckily, boating is one of the few outdoor activities that comply with the strict rules. Boating doesn’t have to be an extreme sport because we have compiled all boating questions that any beginner will feel confident to start seafaring.
Do I need a boater’s certificate?
Before you start riding a boat, make sure you are in good standing with authorities regarding the licensing. There are strict licensing requirements in New York for all boat operators. Children may not qualify for a license until a certain age, but they can, however, board in the presence of an adult.
Register with and obtain a New York Boating Safety Certificate on The course comes with many benefits, including competitive discounts for the course, convenient learning, a free license certificate test, and a certificate replacement if it’s lost.
Is there an age restriction to start boating?
Every person can sail on a boat because it’s a fun activity and also a means of movement across the waters. How else will one develop this great hobby? The only difference comes to operating a boat because there are age and licensing restrictions.
New York State boating regulations require every person above 14 years to obtain a boater’s certificate. The boater’s certificate must be obtained by 1st January 2020 for all persons born on or after 1st January 1993. From 1st January 2025, every boater must obtain a boating certificate.
Do I need training?
It may sound easy like row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. This sounds cool and all but you are an amateur and it won’t go merrily down the stream if anything bad happened to you because of ignorance. It is the right thing to learn under the supervision of an adult who is licensed and obtained a boaters’ safety certificate.

It is baby steps when it comes to the boating sport. With patience, you too will graduate and be a pro within a short period. It is good boatman practice to be a student of the game first before you row your boat. Obtain a boating certificate so that you are legally allowed to operate a boat.
What are some of the safety boating equipment?
Good practice, in addition to state boating regulations, requires you to be safe all the time. Your safety on the high seas comes first. Safety devices that must be onboard include a lifejacket or inflatable device, distress flares, floating torches for lights, a fire extinguisher, ventilation system, sound signals, visual devices and proper means of communication.
The safety devices must be onboard all the time when cruising. Learn how to use them during training and know where they are located before the boat sets sail. They are so basic and may be ignored sometimes but they are essential to have.
What else do I need to know?
Well, there is a wealth of things to know in the boating industry so we cannot exhaust all of them except the basics. For a beginner, in addition to the mandatory boating course, it is prudent to get informed on the different types of boats for your prerequisites.
You may be a fan of boating sports and want to begin. Inform yourself on practice regulations as well as get a mentor to train you.
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