The Best Boating Spots in The Golden State –


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It is not without reason that California is called the Golden State. From its magnificent sunsets, amazing coastal shorelines and stunning beaches to clear lakes, California is, without doubt, the dream destination of any boater, whether in a lone escapade, friend’s reunion voyage or family outing.

However, with a water area covering nearly 8,000 square miles, including over 3,000 man-named lakes and reservoirs that spoil you for choice, which are the best boating spots in the Golden State?
Shasta Lake for water-skiing 
Shasta Lake is located in Shasta County. It covers a surface area of 30,000 acres and is California’s largest reservoir and third largest water body. For water skiing, camping and house boating, Lake Shasta is your go-to spot.
The variety of California’s boating spots certainly spoils for choice. However, you need a license for free passage. Get one from Boat Smart boater courses in California. The online course is perfect for all ages and takes as low as 3 hours to get your California Boater Card online. With it, you freely operate a motorized vessel, avoid fines, and save lives. For more on this and to know how boating regulations in California work, visit
Clear Lake for wildlife views on water
Found in the north of Napa County, Clear Lake, also known as the ‘Bass Capital of the West,’ covers a surface area of 68 square miles and is the largest natural freshwater lake that sits exclusively within the Golden state. It is ideal for watching wildlife,
The majority of the fish they catch on Clear Lake are largemouth bass, which explains why it is also referred to as the ‘Bass Capital of the West.’ Apart from the bass, you also find memorable sights of bluegill, catfish and crappie, including populations of ducks, bald eagles and blue herons. Deer and mountain lions meanwhile roam surrounding areas.
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe sprawls between the Golden State and the State of Nevada. It is the largest alpine lake found in North America, stretching as long as 22 miles with a commanding width of about 12 miles. It is also the second deepest lake in the US, dropping to about 1,645 feet.

To both the Golden State and the state of Nevada, Lake Tahoe provides a major source of tourist attraction. People visit all year round to behold its majestic views. In the summer, people come in droves for outdoor recreation and boating, while in late spring and early fall, it attracts enthusiasts of water sport, etc.
Newport Harbor 
Newport Harbor is among the largest harbors for recreation found in the US. Indeed, many consider Newport Harbor to be the jewel of Newport Beach. It has clean and well-maintained beaches and islands that are home to multiple recreational activities. It is among the best boating spots you can find and draws tourists all year round.
Home to over 10,000 recreational vessels, Newport Harbor, stands among the largest yacht harbors in the United States. Generally, Newport Harbor boasts a complete suite of attractions to enhance your boating experience, including Surrey, topped electric boats, fishing boats, yachts, rowing teams. It is also popular for scenic viewing.
Oceanside Harbor  
Oceanside Harbor lies between Orange County and San Diego. It is a wonderful place for whoever travels by sea along the shoreline of California. Sights of row docked sailboats and people gliding by on top of paddle boards welcome visitors. Complete with a fuel dock, bait receiver and launch ramp, it is a great boating spot.
Oceanside Harbor is popular for water activities, including whale-watching cruises, deep-sea fishing, and boat rentals. Aside from those, Oceanside harbor also boasts of wide, sandy beaches, besides excellent surf conditions. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy and relax in outdoor patios and for beholding magnificent scenic views.
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