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As a lifelong hunter, I am a purchaser of brands and products that help fuel my passion for my favorite hobbies. From my truck, my boots, my clothing and my equipment – they all represent my lifestyle and I take pride in that. Being a hunter is who I am and who I want to be.It’s not uncommon for humans to purchase things that spark joy in their lives. But as sportsmen and women, our sport can often require ample amounts of gear that takes years or a lifetime to acquire. Ask any bowhunter how much equipment they have to store in the offseason and you’ll understand (please don’t ask my wife about my basement full of nearly 40 years of obtaining the tools of the trade – it’s a touchy subject).Manufacturers of sporting gear understand our passion to become the best possible at our pursuits and they bring to market products that represent that passion. And when it’s done right, we embrace them by becoming brand ambassadors and proudly tell the world we are doing so. A prime example is to look at the back glass or bumper stickers of many of the four-wheel-drive vehicles on the road. Often referred to as “redneck real estate,” sportsmen and women plaster their favorite brand logos in the form of stickers to show their pride. At nearly 50, I am as guilty as most in the practice of sticking brand logos on vehicle glass, water bottles, laptops, fishing boats, side-by-side vehicles and anything else suitable for plastering logo stickers on.
So when a report came across my desk from Southwick Associates, a market research and economics firm specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing and other outdoor recreation markets, identifying the top brands in the hunting category I was eager to see if my favorites made the cut.As record numbers of Americans enjoyed the outdoors amid the pandemic in 2020, purchases of hunting and shooting equipment soared as well. Southwick Associates completed 15,000 hunter and recreational shooter surveys in 2020 through its online HunterSurvey and ShooterSurvey consumer panels and identified the top brands in the market.A sampling of some of the most frequently purchased brands in 2020 include: Traditional Rifles – SavageHandguns – Smith & WessonHandgun Ammunition – FederalShotgun Ammunition – WinchesterBroadheads – Rage & MuzzyCrossbows – BarnettReloading Presses – Lee Precision

Reloading Dies – Lee PrecisionReloading Powder – IMRBinoculars – VortexReflex/Red Dot Sights – Sig SauerLaser Sights – Crimson TraceNon-powered Aftermarket Sights – TrijiconApparel Camo Pattern Brand – Mossy OakTrail Cameras – Wildgame InnovationsGame Calls – PrimosHunting Knives – BuckGun Case – AllenMagazines – MagpulResults of the Southwick Associates consumer tracking study are available in the Hunting & Shooting Participation and Equipment Purchases Report.  Separate reports are also available focusing on the participation and equipment purchases of deer hunters, turkey hunters and waterfowl hunters. More can be found at

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