Death of J24 Stalwart Robin Eagleson – Afloat


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Lough Erne Yacht Club historian, Michael Clarke reported yesterday via social media the death of Robin Eagleson who passed away on board his motor yacht, October Dream.
It was only a few months ago that he suffered the sad loss of his wife Lorna.
The club is located on the eastern shore of Lower Lough Erne at Goblusk Bay.
Robin's enjoyed cruising and racing; he was an officer in several clubs and was well known in the J24 class. Michael reports that, "significant for LEYC, was the part he played fostering relationships among our Club and others with J/24 fleets, in the J/24 Association of Ireland, of which he was President for a time, and the International J/24 World Council, of which he became Chairman. Robin's meticulous practicality made key contributions throughout to J/24 Sailing, resolving issues, good governance and growth".
Robin Eagleson at the helm of his J24 Luder Too
As J/24 Vice President for international matters, Robin travelled far and wide and such was his standing, that World Council readily agreed that its annual 2006 meeting be in Ireland, at Lough Erne YC. The 20 delegates represented Japan, Australia, Argentina, North America and Europe and after the formal business on Saturday they enjoyed a Sunday in LEYC motor yachts. Robin took his first J/24, Sheer Jenius from Lough Neagh to LEYC for the club's first J/24 championship in 1986, reported by Winkie Nixon in Afloat. Later Robin bought Luder, a very successful English J/24. Then he bought back Sheer Jenius, combined the best of the pair in one, renamed it Luder Too, and sold the other painted red, as Luder. He raced Luder Too in Lough Neagh in winter and at many J/24 events across Ireland.
On retirement, Robin moved to a fine motor yacht, October Dream, aboard which he sadly died.
Condolences to son Peter, daughter Jayne, Robin's family circle, friends in boating and in J/24 sailing worldwide.
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