‘We’re ready’: This winter fishing tournament is something to get excited about – Myrtle Beach Sun News


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As winter edges into early spring, there’s not much happening in the Atlantic Ocean for anglers to get excited about, except for the ever-present bottom fishing. In three weeks, fishing teams will have something to look forward to when the 10th annual South Carolina Wahoo Series kicks off. The giants of the mackerel family are known to hold on ledges and temperature changes along the break, or the continental shelf, through the winter. The key is finding a tranquil weather day amid the flurry of cold fronts that roll through as winter transitions into spring. The series, the brainchild of Capt. Marc Pincus of Hilton Head, kicks off with a Captain’s Meeting on Feb. 6. The tournament format gives competing teams ample opportunity to find two suitable fishing days, and weigh in one wahoo per day. Fishing days are Feb. 19 through April 24. The heaviest cumulative weight of two wahoo determines the winner. The Captain’s Meeting will be held Feb. 6 from 1-4 p.m. at Skull Creek Dockside Restaurant on Hilton Head Island. “We’re going to go ahead with the Captain’s Meeting (in person),” said Pincus, the series founder and director. “We’re going to do it safe. I’m excited to get in from of some people instead of in front of an iPad. I’ve gotten some good feedback on that. “The wahoo fishing has been good when guys can get out. We’re ready for another year.” The event features three different weigh-in stations including Hilton Head Harbor Marina, Toler’s Cove Marina in Mount Pleasant and, locally, Georgetown Landing Marina. Competing fishing teams have a stretch of 65 days to choose two days to fish, but Pincus, operator of Reelin Charters of Hilton Head, points toward one stretch of days in March as prime time. “A lot of people like to look for a full moon in March, that’s something people look for,” said Pincus. “If you get the (good) weather on the full moon in March, I think you’ll see a lot of boats fish then.” Once out there, there are certain conditions the fishing teams are looking for in finding roaming schools of wahoo, preferably including a big one. “A lot of people are looking for the right water temperature,” said Pincus. “The ideal combination is to have that temp on the break. That’s 68-72 degrees to me. If you’ve got a temperature break right on the ledge, that’s an ideal situation. If there’s a temperature break inside the ledge I would fish that too.” Then there’s the question of how to troll for wahoo, with two basic options available. The old tried and true method is trolling natural baits - namely ballyhoo paired with skirts from manufacturers such as Ilander and Blue Water Candy. The new-fangled method is high-speed trolling a variety of lures. “Originally I’m an old school bait guy – I’ve won a few events that way,” said Pincus. “The last few years I’m seeing he results of the high speed. That being said, the first and third place (teams) in last year’s tournament were not high speed trolling. “There’s a good result on all ends. As a tournament director, it seems the high speed guys are doing a little better, but maybe there’s more people high-speed trolling. I would say have both. I wouldn’t shy away from either one.” For more information on the series and to access the leaderboard, visit www.scwahooseries.com.
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