Michael Jordan And His ‘Catch 23’ Fishing Boat Won Their First Failfish Tournament: MJ Caught Two Sailfish – Fadeaway World


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Michael Jordan keeps adding wins to his already impressive resume and His Airness is increasing his legend as one of the greatest athletes of all time. He keeps competing at the highest level regardless of the sport and recently, he added one more honor to his large list of accolades.

MJ and his “Catch 23” fishing boat competed in the 58th The Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament in Palm Beach, Florida and true to his style, he won it all with his team. It’s not a secret that this man takes things very seriously when it comes to competing and this time wasn’t the exception.
Via USA Today Sports:

Last week, MJ and his Catch 23 fishing boat – an 80-foot Viking that pays homage to his basketball jersey number – won the team’s first sailfish tournament victory by winning the 58th The Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament in Palm Beach, Florida.
Catch 23, led by Capt. Stetson Turney, caught and released seven sailfish — including two reeled in by Jordan himself. That gave Catch 23 the trophy with 1,400 points, ahead of second-place De-Bait-Able with 1,200.
The tournament awards 200 points for each sailfish caught using live bait and 300 for each dead-bait catch. Catch 23 used only live bait. A fleet of 38 boats fished the event, tallying 63 sailfish caught in two days’ fishing.
Jordan might be retired from the NBA but he’s spent a lot of time on the golf course and he’s ready to make his name even bigger with his new sport, fishing. He put up a show and contributed to his team’s victory, adding another championship to his list of honors.

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